What We Do:
To be an Usher anywhere -  and particularly at St. Joseph Parish -  is a special calling.  This ministry requires an individual to possess a warm presence, with a willingness to serve God and the congregation by assisting with the little “chores” of Mass by using good common sense in a very reverent way.  This ministry is open to anyone (male or female) who has been confirmed and is in good standing with the Catholic Church.

The Duties of An Usher:

  • Help take up the collection(s) and transfer it to the safe
  • Welcome people as they arrive at church
  • Help to seat people when the Mass is full
  • Distribute the bulletins after Mass
  • Other duties as  the need arises

To Become An Usher:

  • Contact the parish office to obtain diocesan required clearances.
  • At the first Mass that you usher, come forward after communion to be commissioned.  At this time you will receive your usher pin to wear while serving, and be welcomed with gratitude by the congregation.

Moms with daughters, dads with sons - what a great way to be able to minister together at Mass!

If you’ve ever had any inkling, why not take advantage of this invitation to come aboard.  The group is always looking for new folks to join them.

"I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.
Our feet shall stand within the gates, O Jerusalem." (Psalms 122:1,2)

rev. 1/19

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