What We Do:
We read God’s Word at weekend and Holy Day Masses.  This typically includes an Old Testament passage and a New Testament passage.  There is a Lector Workbook given to each lector to help prepare him/her for reading these (pronunciations, hints for emphasis, background information on the reading for meaning).  In addition, the lector carries the Gospel Book in the Entrance Procession and at the end of Mass as the altar servers lead the procession out of church. They also read the Prayers of the Faithful (petitions) following the Creed and the announcements at the end of Mass just before the final blessing.  Generally, every lector serves about once every six weeks, a little more frequently around Easter due to the greater number of liturgies.

How You Can Become Involved:
The first step is getting the required Diocesan clearances. You will then be placed on the schedule. If you are scheduled for a time or date that you cannot make, just call another lector to switch. There are a few lectors who, due to other commitments, only serve as substitutes, so if a regular schedule isn’t a fit for you right now, subs are always welcome!

New Lector Workbooks are distributed in September.There is always a notice in the bulletin as to where they can be picked up.

For more information, please contact the Parish Office 412-931-8885.


Praise to you, Lord God,
king of the universe,
and all glory to your name.
I praise you and thank you for calling me
to proclaim your word to your beloved people.

rev. 1/19

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